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We are a platform that provide great teammates and coaching to gamers. Right now we are looking to find players who we can help grow into real PROs who earn thousands of dollars.

Could this be you?
You are a perfect candidate if
You love playing videogames
One of the key qualities that distinguish PROs from regular gamers is passion. And love for videogames certainly helps with that.
You want to grow
Becoming a PRO is not your traditional 9 to 5 job. You'll have to learn new things and practice and you should be ready for it.
You enjoy other people's company
Being a PRO at Legionfarm means playing with people who want to play with you and making sure they want to play with you again. If you enjoy playing games with others then you are the one we need!
You are a regular gamer
We don't have any strict requirements here. Just as long as you are 16 years old and try your best. You can have any rank and skill level and be able to bring other joy by playing with them. Give it a shot!

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What's the journey like?
Prove yourself
After you register at our platform, you become a Rookie. At this point you can play with people using Legionfarm to find teammates. After you complete the requirements for Rank 1 you will get a $10 payout in real money!
If you do well and clients rate your session high enough — or if they will want to play with you specifically — you become a PRO and can take paid orders. The more you play — the higher you get paid.
Register at the platform, choose your game and fill your profile. On how well you describe yourself depends if people will want to play with you so show some creativity :)
Become a PRO
Possible reasons to join right now
Reliable source of income
No special requirements
No strict schedule
A way to spend time productively
Play with cool people
A motivation to grow
Opportunity to express yourself
Why not?
If these reasons don't convince you, we are sorry :(
We can only offer you way to get a job by playing videogames.
16 +
Frequently Asked Questions
What games do you support right now?
Currently we support 37 different titles, however we can easily add any game at any moment, so just let us know.
How much do I have to play?
From 10 hours a week to however many hours you want. It's your choice, but 10 hours is a minimum requirement
How much will I earn?
PRO players earn up to $2000 per month, but it all depends on how well you've proven yourself and how much people want to play with you. Don't worry — even if you don't earn that much at the start — you will in the future. Practice makes perfect.
There are steps you can take on the way to becoming a PRO
The first step is already available to you with others coming shortly!
Rank 1 Rookie

— Make 5 free sessions as a client;
— Make 3 sessions as a Rookie with 5 stars rating from the client;
— Upload a video to youtube from your gaming session with the client.

As a reward, you will get a $10 payout in real money and a Rookie Rank 1 title. This will give you ability to play with clients for $1 per hour.

— 50 paid sessions;
— Interview with a PRO;
— Reviews from 3 different PROs.

Clients can now pay 12 dollars per hour to play with you.

Requirements: Outstanding performance

Clients can now pay 50 dollars per hour to play with you.
How to Conduct Trial Session as a Rookie
How to Create a Trial Session as a Client
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Trustpilot Reviews
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